About Us

By combining luxury and humanitarianism in all of our efforts, Annét Chatoyer strives to encourage the bold and unique character our client embodies and to empower creativity and inclusivity within our community. Our aim is to create a legacy that preserves the beauty that complements unapologetic self-expression and the complex dynamics that accompany the heart of authenticity.  

Annét Chatoyer began in 2020 as a vision of two lifelong friends who never fit the mold that was expected of them in the world they grew up in.  Elizabeth Dansby and Ashley Gentry, friends since primary school, saw a need for more bold women who aren't afraid to envelope their authentic selves and break what is looked at as a traditional and acceptable role in society.  The two got to work developing pieces they truly feel are the perfect addition to the self empowerment they want to inspire in all women. 
Throughout the years, both women have formed a bitter sweet relationship with time and have realized every moment in time should be lived to its full extent.  The inspiration behind the brand is heavily influenced by Annette Hernandez Gentry, Ashley’s mother. To know her was to love her. Never meeting a stranger, and constantly living and loving without hesitation, Annie showed both Ashley and Elizabeth how fun life can be when you stop playing by the rules and start creating your own.  The name grew with the addition of "Chatoyer" meaning "shimmer" in French. With both owners coming from upbringing saturated with French influence, it just felt right to utilize the background that made two strong and courageous women who they are.
The pair searched the world to add women to their team who would not only be a beneficial addition to the brand, but would embody the brand and everything it stands for.  Today, Our pieces are handbeaded by a team of artisan women in India, a team of world class bead and embroidery experts as well as Ukrainian refugee women recruited to bead sample pieces for new collections.  These are minor, yet crucial, steps in developing Annét Chatoyer into the best version of itself.
The dream for Annét Chatoyer is to give every customer a feeling of belonging to our community as well as an sense of invincibility when wearing our pieces. We are excited to work alongside women of the current and future generations to leave more shimmer in the world.

"We've worked with powerful women, hard working women, and big names, we see one thing remains true: happiness is apparent when we all feel welcome, accepted, and even embraced, living life naturally and in our own skin. We truly want people to see this brand and the work we are putting into this community and feel that. It's simple".
-Elizabeth Dansby
Co-founder, Co-owner